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Knee Scooter FAQ

What is a knee scooter?

  • The knee scooter is simply a padded cushion with wheels and a handlebar. Patients can put the injured knee/shin of the injured limb on the pad to ensure that no stress or weight is being placed on the area of concern.
  • Also called a knee coaster, knee cruiser, knee caddy, knee walker, orthopedic scooter, and leg walker.

Why should I use a knee scooter instead of crutches?

  • Knee scooters provide patients with greater mobility and freedom from the pain and inconvenience of crutches and wheelchairs.
  • Crutches require upper body strength and Knee scooters require zero upper body strength.
  • Crutches can be very difficult to maneuver, can be irritating to armpits, and cause wear and tear on shoulders, wrists, and lower back.
  • Knee scooters are low to the floor and more stable than crutches. They are cushioned for comfort and allow patients to zoom around rather quickly. Knee scooters also minimize the chances that you will re-injure the unusable limb.

How does a knee scooter work?

  • A knee scooter resembles a scooter with an elevated pad to rest the knee/shin of the injured leg. You then use your good leg to propel yourself forward and use the handlebars to steer by simply turning the handle bar to the direction you would like to go.

What are the cons of using a knee scooter?

  • There are so many more pros than cons to using a knee scooter. The only con would be that knee scooters can not be used on stairs. They can also get expensive. Some knee scooters range from $200 to $400! Luckily, you can rent one for less!

Should I rent or buy a knee scooter?

  • Renting knee scooters are a popular option since buying them can be so expensive. Plus, most conditions recommending a knee scooter only require resting the limb for a minimum of 4 weeks.  If you need the knee scooter long term, buying may be a better option for you.

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How much is it to rent a knee scooter?

  • Renting a knee scooter is relatively inexpensive depending on how long you would like to rent for. Most patients choose to rent for one month, which would cost $99. At the time of picking up your knee scooter, you would pay a security deposit of $200 and nothing else. Once you return your knee scooter, we will refund you $101 (if you rented for a month).
  • If you decide to keep the knee scooter permanently, you would need to come to the store and simply pay the remainder of the cost. The original $200 you paid would be applied to the price of the knee scooter.

Do you accept medical insurance for rentals or buying a knee scooter?

  • Unfortunately, we are considered an out-of-network provider and can not process your medical insurance. We can, however, accept Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account cards for payment. If you believe it is something your insurance will cover, you can contact them and inquire. Many patients will inquire with their insurance company if they can submit a claim for direct reimbursement.
  • We recommend contacting your medical insurance company to determine what coverage options you have for knee scooters.

*Please note, we are NOT a Medicare or Medicaid provider for medical equipment*

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